I want to become a professional Virtual Assistant!

Book your spot before Tuesday, March 19th

I want to become a professional virtual assistant!

Book your spot before Tuesday, March 19th

Become a professional Virtual Assistant and perform administrative tasks to free up time for business owners. Learn our SOLVENTA methodology in a practical way.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to manage your time, make your own decisions and be there whenever your children need you? 

Thanks to the internet and new technologies like cell phones, reinventing yourself professionally after motherhood is possible.

Discover how, with this profession, you can help companies and professionals manage their administrative tasks without having to spend the day confined in an office.


There’s nobody better than Reinvented Moms to tell you about our SOLVENTA methodology.

Ya pasado el ecuador de su exedencia por su segunda baja maternal esta vez de gemelos, se da cuenta que no quiere a un horario partido y rotativo. Busca en mamis una reinvención para poder seguir cuidando de sus 3 hijos.


When I read the Virtual Assistant syllabus, I found it very compatible with my current profession of Social Media Manager. I am learning many tools that are very useful for my day-to-day work.


For me, the SOLVENTA methodology was very easy to manage, and I’ve been able to balance it with my job and my children. I have learned a lot of tools, and the community has been ideal for helping us with questions. Also, I’ve been able to meet many mothers with the same kind of concerns.


For me, the program was very easy to complete. I was able to learn on my way home, on my way to the doctor’s, or work. Once you finish the methodology, the contents and tutors are still there. I had a couple of interviews after finishing, and I could always count on my tutor’s support to advise and motivate me.


Mamis Digitales ha supuesto un gran cambio en mi vida sobretodo familiar. La metodología SOLVENTA me parece super sencilla y muy dinámica, entre todas nos hemos ayudado un montón y eso da fuerzas, tantas que me he apuntado a otra metodología.


Decidí reinventarme y convertirme en una Mami Digital especializada en Asistente Virtual porque no era feliz en mi trabajo. Tenía claro que tenía que buscar una alternativa que me hiciera disfrutar. Desde que conocí Mamis Digitales tuve claro que esto era lo que quería hacer.


They have already achieved it…


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