¡I want to become a professional Social Media Manager!

Book your spot before Tuesday, March 19th

I want to become a professional Social Media Manager!

Book your spot before Tuesday, March 19th

Become a professional Social Media Manager and manage social media for businesses. Learn our ESTIMA methodology practically by managing a real project.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to manage your time, make your own decisions and be there whenever your children need you?

Thanks to the internet and new technologies like cell phones, reinventing yourself professionally after motherhood is possible.

Explore how, with this profession, you can professionally manage a brand’s social media without being an influencer with thousands of followers.


There’s nobody better than Reinvented Moms to tell you about our ESTIMA methodology.

Para Vanessa reinventarse como Community Manager ha sido dar rienda suelta a la creatividad y darse cuenta que es posible tener un trabajo en el que disfrutas cada día sin tener porque ser monótono ni aburrido.


A friend told me about this wonderful Reinvented Moms community. Now, I manage the social media por the site where I work, and I want to expand a little more.

-Ana María Alba

I can assure you that once you’re part of Reinvented Moms, you’ll see all the support, even from your own colleagues, and you’ll realize it’s the best place to give it a try.

-Sol Boscan

Before Reinvented Moms, I didn’t know what to write in the profession box. Now I have several clients, and I can proudly put “Social Media Manager” in that box.


My reivention came when my daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease. At the moment I left my job of more than 15 years in a multinational company and decided to reinvent myself.


I have 3 daughters and have been working for many years in an international company, and I have undergone several changes since COVID. I continue to balance both thingsmy job and my entrepreneurship.


Before learning about Moms, I already had experience in Digital Marketing, but getting to know Reinvented Moms has given me the necessary push to take it seriously and dedicate myself to this definitively.


I came across Reinvented Moms two years ago and was hesitant to take the leap. Now that I’ve made the decision, I know it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Sometimes I wonder how it would have been if I had made the decision earlier.


I am an entrepreneur, and I realized that the part I was missing the most was knowing how to manage social media. The methodology has been very useful, and I’ve applied it to my business and also offered this servive to other clients.


I didn’t feel fulfilled with my job and had feelings of guilt for not being able to spend time with my children. For me, the methodology is organized; you have your tools, and you organize yourself at your own pace, which is crucial for a mother.


I have dedicated my entire life to corporate event management, but COVID left me without work. While searching for alternatives, I found Reinvented Moms, which has completely changed my life.


Before Reinvented Moms, I was on temporary layoff, and that same year I was laid off from my job. In the process, I had already made the decision to reinvent myself, and now I am working on my own project with my clients.


After 20 years as an administrative assistant, I realized that I was missing important moments in the lives of my 4 children, so I decided to reinvent myself. Currently I am a digital marketing consultant for the city council and for an association of small and medium enterprises where I live.



I was a bit lost in the job market working for others, so I decided to start my own business. Now I have a couple of clients and am looking for more, although I already consider myself a Reinvented Mom and an entrepreneur.


They have already achivied…


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